Slow Parenting- Taking a tip from the 1950’s

Friends, please read these two articles:

This one

And this one

What do you think?  I love that moms of our generation are rethinking the kind of childhood they want to give their kids .  We have come so far since the 1950’s.  Science, technology and transportation are light years ahead of where they were.  Yet, where I believe we have taken some major steps backwards is in how we are raising our kids.

There seems to be so much competition and pressure to give our children this well rounded, exciting, non-stop life.  Now don’t get me wrong… I love taking my kids to birthday parties.  I enjoy our adventures at The Arboretum and Knott’s Berry Farm.  Being a stay at home mom, I thrive on playdates with other moms and kids with schedules similar to mine.  I know that in the years to come- when school, sports, and extra curricular activities are thrown at us, we will be busy.  But we will also need to find some balance.  Balance is always important, and I will fight for it no matter how difficult it is to come by.

We are given so many options, and sometimes the best option is to unwind from the crazy and slow. it. down.  Remember how that mom in the second article mentioned letting her kids hang out, watch cartoons, and literally do nothing around the house until 11am?  We do that sometimes… not until 11am, but you get the gist.  Now that my son is more talkative and interactive (at 2.5 mind you) it’s easier for me to discern the kinds of at-home actives he enjoys.  For instance, he loves playing in the dirt.  It took me just a little while to come to grips with the fact that I have a boy, and that boys like dirt.  This means dirt will be under nails, and clothes will get changed more often.  But who really cares, right?  Dirt is fun, it’s free, and it’s found in my yard!  If dirt rocks and exploring nature make my boy happy, they make me happy!  Bonus- we don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy dirt!

Boys with a tricycle in a Balham street, SW London

Another thing I love about this 1950’s mentality, is that simplicity is the heart of childhood.  Here are a few ways we reflect the 1950’s in our home:

Toys are played with.  

Instead of having tons of toys that my son rarely touches, I am intentional about switching his toys out.  He seems so much more engaged when his trains are switched from his bedroom to the living room, and when I bring out toys that have been “in hiding” for a few months.

We don’t go on expensive vacations.  

Partly because we can’t afford them at this season of our lives.  Even more though, I love that we can visit California’s coast, mountains, and everything in between, and I don’t feel like our kids are missing out.  They are enjoying God’s beauty, and they are having new experiences.  This is more than good enough!

We play outside.

This is so huge.  We walk around our local park and collect pinecones.  My son loves finding ollie ollies (rolly pollies).  Some evenings after dinner we put the kids in the stroller and take a walk.  It’s too easy to get cooped up inside and it’s also much more dull.

I could go on about this topic… I guess what I have discovered in so many areas of life is that less truly is more.  Our children don’t need more actives, more things, and more busyness to give them a better life.

A better life is found right in your home.  Its found in playing with neighbor kids.  Take the bikes out of the garage and go for a ride.  Your kids don’t have bikes?  For heavens sake… get your kid a bike!


A better life is found in letting them play by themselves.  And guess what- it’s perfectly okay for your kids to be board sometimes!  This is a hard one for me.  I have this guilt that clouds over my head when I can see my son getting restless or board- like I am somehow not doing or being enough for him.  Sometimes I will continue on with my chores or whatever it is that I am doing at the time.  Moments later, I will find that he has discovered a random toy from the bottom of one of the toy boxes.  He’ll be completely engaged in a new activity.  On his own.  The reality is that we cannot entertain our kids every waking second.  Part of childhood is self discovery, and we need to give our children space to learn and create independently.


It’s a Wonderful Life

Just like the movie, my life contains a little bit of everything- romance, heartache, misunderstandings, conflict, children, normalcy, adventures, dreams, and resolution… These are just some of the things that make up my “Wonderful Life.” I am not different from anyone else getting by in this whirlwind.  If it wasn’t for my faith and relationship with Jesus, I know my life would look wildly different.

Somedays however, ARE about getting by.  I call on Jesus throughout the day.  Somedays it seems all day.  And isn’t this how life should be?  Life shouldn’t be about “getting by”, but darn it, some days that’s how it feels.  Some days life tugs extra hard, and so many other people’s lives look more glamorous and enjoyable than mine.  It’s possible people may have thought such things about my life when I post pictures like this one.


I can squash any innacurate thoughts you might have with these words: It ‘aint honey.  The prep and moments before this shot were captured were far from glamerous.  I showed up at the beach, by myself, with two little ones.  I attetmpeted to carry 3 bags, a baby in her carseat, and instruct my toddler to follow.  It wasn’t captured, but it happened.

I choose to see my life as blessed because it is.  My life IS filled with wonderfully beautiful moments.  Sometimes my kids DO look perfect and my husband DOES look lovingly at me. But on the many many other days that I am trudging around in my yoga pants that have seen close to no yoga; I am another wife, mom and sister just getting through her day.  I have arguments with my husband.  I have thought those awful thoughts of “and why did we get married?” after we have a disagreement.  I have been humbled time and again by the forgiveness of my son when I lose my temper.  I find that I say sorry more than others do.  This being, not because I am more remorseful, it’s just that I have more to be remorseful about.  I am flawed, I am tired, but I am also incredibly fortunate.  I cannot forget that sacred truth.

So often, we look at others and believe that somehow they have it all together.  The pictures they post on social media don’t hold a candle to the reality that is their life.

For instance…


This sweet artsy picture of my boys was taken right after some bickering, that ended in a group hug, (including tears from me!) in the middle of Costco.  I chose to take (and then Facebook post) this picture because I wanted to focus on the love these two have for each other.  I could easily complain and foucs on the negative, but where does that get me?  And who honestly wants to read that crap?

I guess what I am trying to spit out is this: I am flawed.  Everyone is flawed- even when it isn’t seen.  We all know this to be true, but we also kid ourselves that the person over there has gotten away and has it all together.  That wife… she has the answers.  That mom, the one with the cool car… she knows where she’s going.  Nope.  Not one of us.  While I may look like I know what I am doing in 3 areas of my life, the other 97 I am completely guessing at.  Rest in the fact that your crazy, stressful, chaotic reality really does make up a wonderful life.







No More Hiding

It is time for Christ-followers to stand up for what we believe in.  No more hiding in our comfort zones of church and close friends.  What do you believe???  When questioned about your beliefs, or better, when you are in the midst of a discussion that makes you uncomfortable, do you shy away from speaking the truth you know in your heart?images

After hearing about the unfathomable acts that the New Orleans Planned Parenthood took part in- the selling of aborted baby body parts, I ask every one of you, are you outraged?  Are you broken for these precious lives?  Are you hurting for the mothers and fathers of these children who couldn’t possibly understand what they were allowing to happen to not only them, but to their unborn children?  If these kind of egregious acts were acted out upon on people who were already born; those living in this world as you and me, this would be considered murder, genocide, and more.  But still, many will cough up the selling of baby hearts, heads, and livers as “science.”  And sadly, most news stations won’t even cover a story or headline like this, or anything else that has to do with the killing, torturing, and captivation of innocent lives.

This is not a forum for people to argue about the “good” that Planned Parenthood does.  Oh really, Planned Parenthood is so “noble” because they hand out free birth control?  They are so wonderful in the vast ways they are contributing to their communities because they are a “family” health care center?  It’s like if I lived down the street from a serial rapist.  Sure, this person might have a few decent qualities. They might smile at me and my family as we walk past their house.  They might give a stray dog some water, or maybe they give a family member a few extra bucks in a time of need.  So, because of few good acts, do I ignore the fact that they are a convicted criminal?  Will I applaud the decent things they do, and dismiss the pain they have willingly inflicted on their victims time and time again?  OF COURSE NOT!  And yet, that is the attitude that many have towards organizations like Planned Parenthood.  The focus remains on the few good things they do, and the gigantic elephant of evil- the abortions: the desecrating of human lives which are ultimately designed by God, is wildly ignored.

The lies upon lies that this organization tells to hurting mothers, the lack of knowledge they provide, the zero ultrasounds they give before an abortion is preformed, and the needed resources that they fail to give shines a perfect spotlight on who they are.

I will not stay silent.  In the midst of people calling me naive, uninformed on the topic as a whole, or really, anything else, I keep Proverbs 24:11 in mind: Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.  Precious babies are at stake, and hurting women need our prayers and our love.  These babies need our voices.  Stand for that truth that I know lives in your heart.  For after all, God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

You HAVE to check THIS out!

So… I’ve been MIA from blogging, and then suddenly, I am posting two different times within a few days??? What the…

It’s like now that I’ve been gone, I realize how great it is to be back!  I have been using Facebook A LOT as a platform to share my thoughts, when instead, this blog can serve that purpose.  It will most likely do a better job, because let’s be honest, here on my blog, the people reading my business will actually WANT to read my business.  After all, you’re reading this right now!

hands in air

It will be no shocking revelation that I love organizing and being inspired.  I’ve dedicated my Pinterest account to various boards that inspire me, help me stay creative, and allow me to dream (as we should all do from time-to-time).  I have one board that is titled: ‘Organize Me Crazy’.  I admit, I sometimes feel a little crazy about how much I like to keep my life in order!

When I stumbled upon this “suggested” blog on Pinterest, I knew it was my duty to share it.  When you have the time, look through her other DIY home projects.  You will not be disappointed at how creative this lady genious is.  Enjoy!

Just for the record, it might seem unrealistic to even spend $400 on a closet makeover.  But after reading, you will get the idea… we can and should get creative when we need to make an organizational shift in our home.  Go to thrift stores, yard sales, dollar stores, look for sales at Target, Walmart, and Marshall’s.  And even better, look around your home for items that might come in handy when you are tackling an organizing project!  Creating a beautiful life doesn’t have to be expensive.



Ask, and you’ll be given; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened unto you.” Matthew 7:7

It was a simple prayer, really.  We had just arrived at Target to do some much-needed shopping.  As I rolled the cart through the parking lot, I quickly asked the Lord to make me aware of those around me while I shopped, so that if the opportunity presented itself, I might be able to be a blessing.  It was a brief prayer, but it was sincere.  Naturally, the opportunity did present itself, but the presentation was much different from the one I was looking for.  God has a way of doing that.  He will put desires in our heart, and if we’re attentive, it’s the outcome that He helps orchestrate.  We have to listen, because we don’t always know what we’re asking for.  God mixes it up, and I am so glad when He does because His packaging is always better.

As Austin and I made our way through the store, I was checking every item off my mental list.  Along the way, I made sure to say hello and give smiles to those I shared the aisle with. We made some nice conversations with a few moms and their babies, and I was reminded about how sweet it is not to be rushed.  We just took our time to have to have friendly conversations with strangers.  It felt good to notice others.  I’m coming to realize that most people are much nicer than we give them credit for… kindness is always around the corner.

As we were heading to the check-out line, a woman noticed Austin- a very familiar scenario.  She complimented his big blue eyes, and very soon it was apparent to me what a beautiful soul she was.  In no time at all, we started chatting it up and had to move our shopping carts off to the side so we wouldn’t block shoppers.  Mara mentioned she was 80 years old, to which I replied: “80 years young.”  She looked at me and said: “Yes, it all starts with your state of mind.  That is the most important.”  That piece of wisdom stuck with me throughout our conversation of art, God, and trusting your intuition.  The pearls she shared with me held so much power.  She talked about keeping the dialogue with God open…always keep it going!  When we do that we have so much clarity, fewer questions, and peace about our life.  She had a grace about her that was soul-deep.  You don’t always know about a person by merely looking at them.

“Man looks out the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.”  

If we took our blinders off and took a moment to hear people’s hearts, we would view life so differently.  It was one of the many things I was taught during our brief encounter.  It only took a few words out of Mara’s mouth for me to realize that she not only had things to share, but that I needed to hear them.  As we said our goodbyes, she told me that she had to get home to work-which also happens to be her passion.  That was another huge takeaway from our conversation-everyone should be actively involved in their hobbies!  To Mara, hobby=passion, and I couldn’t agree more.  If we are engaged in our hobby, it gives us passion, and it’s our passion that keeps us young, joyful, and sharp.  As she left, she gave Austin a farewell: “Goodbye beautiful,” she said.  He gave her one of those smiles that runs through his whole body.  She put her hand over her heart.  “Now that’s a connection”, she said lovingly looking at him.  And with that, out she walked.

I asked God to keep me open. To present an opportunity so that I could be a blessing.  I hope I was a blessing.  I know that Austin helped start everything.  I can never dismiss the power of a child.  Their innocence is such a gift, and it propels people to engage.  If you are a mother reading this, you have an obligation to love others all the more, because your children are the vehicle for that.  I thank the Lord for using Austin so that I could be blessed, even though I asked to be a blessing.  You’ve outdone yourself again, God!  Thanks for hearing my prayer, and then giving me more!

Christmas Afterglow

Whenever Christmas is over, I tend to wish I had enjoyed it more… gone to see more Christmas lights, watched more Christmas movies, faithfully read my Advent devotionals each night…  Don’t get me wrong; I ALWAYS enjoy the season… family parties, Christmas church services, taking time to be more gracious and count my blessings, and of course decorating!  I know I promised I would post pictures of my Christmas decor, and truth be told, I didn’t even take all the pictures I wanted to.  I had a grand idea of posting all my Christmas decor and family photos on here, and especially make it extra cute because as many of you know, this is my baby boy’s first Christmas!



I am usually pretty “on it”, but this year I kept thinking: “Tomorrow I’ll post.”  So, alas, here it is my ‘Christmas Afterglow’.  I really enjoy soaking in the season from beginning to end, because as my husband likes to point out, I’m a reminiscer.  Well, here are a few pictures I thought I’d share.  May your new year also be MERRY and BRIGHT!


Prayers For Kylie

God has a way of showing us what’s important.  Several months ago I came across this Facebook page.  Ashamedly, I didn’t give this precious girl Kylie, or her parents Bree and Luke much thought.  I didn’t know them, nor could I relate to their story.  But my friend Carissa who is a steadfast prayer warrior, kept posting updates on Kylie.  After a little while I started to read the latest news on Kylie and all the treatments she was undergoing.  After familiarizing myself with her cancer struggle, Neuroblastoma, I became engulfed with emotions.  As a recent mother, I put myself in her parent’s shoes.  Everyday they wake with the hope that their little girl will be healed.  Everyday there is something new to overcome: infections, operations, fevers, more complications… Time and time again there is a new “scare”, followed by more operations, tests, and the fear-gripping reality that these young parents could lose their beloved child.  And yet, Kylie’s mother Bree writes with such strength and eloquence as she share’s her daughter’s updates.  She radiates the hope of Jesus Christ!

If nothing else, Kylie’s struggles have reminded me that one of the most important things we can do as Christians is to pray- Cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you – 1 Peter 5:7.  Prayer is one of our biggest tools.  From the everyday problem, to the larger than life battle, how often do we actually include God in our life?  When we lift up our cares- which can range from worries and struggles, to questions and praises, we are relinquishing control we never had.  We are looking to the “author and perfector of our faith”, who is perfecting us all the more when we surrender to Him in prayer.

When I read Kylie’s updates, I can’t help but notice all the comments that people have written.  She has followers from around the world!  God has shown up in mighty ways through this little fighter, and it is clear  that through her, He is moving in people’s hearts, and strengthening their prayer lives!

If you are a reader of this blog, I ask you 3 things: 1. Would you pray for Kylie’s healing right now?  2. Would you consider “liking” her Facebook page, so that you can be reminded to pray for her regularly? 3. If her story has impacted you, would you share her page with others?

The power of prayer is evident in Kylie’s body as the Dr.’s have told her parents that she is the strongest person they have ever met!  Well, when Jesus is on your team, that is a huge reality!

There is more than enough love to go around for you, Kylie! Keep fighting, girl!

Shades of Autumn

It’s no surprise that girls love Autumn.  I include myself in this little club.  I have heard from a few men already this season, that girls love scarves, cooler weather (for cuddling, of course) and anything pumpkin flavored.  Are they not correct?! 🙂  Because I love decorating so much, I thought I would share with you my Autumn decor!  Because I believe in giving every holiday its proper recognition, I will be holding off on decorating (and then posting) my Christmas decor until Thanksgiving has come and gone… It won’t be very long after, but I will respectfully wait! 🙂



The Crossroads of Motherhood

“This must be a joke”.  Lately, this thought has been going through my head quite a bit.  I am the blessed mother of a 7 1/2 month old boy.  He is my little light of sunshine, and the best thing to enter our world.  I can only imagine the sheer chaotic joy that will be ours when we add to our family in the future.  I have been having enough of “it’s been one of those days”, to last me for a while, and I am ready to get back into a peaceful groove and enjoy the holidays.  Sounds so ideal. I suppose I can dream.

I know that at this time last year, I had no idea what I was in for.  The good, the hardships, the everyday experiences of motherhood.  My longest and most exhausting days paled in comparison to my longest and most exhausting days of today.  There is so much more reward attached to my life now, because of who is in it.

Austin Pout

The past few days I have been staring somewhat blankly into the air after what I will call an “episode”.  Take this scene: I’m enduring menstrual cramping that is out of this world, while baby boy is fussing and spitting up.  I muster up the strength to attend to him, and talk myself through the pain before my medicine settles in.  Don’t know how at this point, but I am holding him as we are walking up the stairs.  I smell poop, so it’s time for a diaper change.  I will manage.  Somehow.  I change that diaper, and I’m grateful to still be coherent.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am pale and shaking from the pain of my cramps, and it is at this very moment that my little one spits up everywhere.  On himself, on me, and just a little dribble onto the carpet.  Splendid.  It’s moments like these where I do the blank “this must be a joke” stare for no one to see.

The scene I painted for you can have many variations.  Maybe you’re exhausted because your babies are keeping you up at night with teething, scary dreams, and growth spurts.  When one of them throws a tantrum in public, you ask yourself: “This is a joke, right?”  It must be!!! Surely it is because you don’t have the mental or emotional strength for this now.  Maybe it’s about all you can do to keep your head above the dishes, laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping.  When it’s starting to get dark outside, and dinner needs to be cooked and served sooner than later, and you find that the pile of laundry is still sitting in the basket unfolded, you ask yourself: “This is a joke, right?”  Maybe you’re fighting a cold or flu bug, but as a mom, rest is not the number one thing you are able to do.  Just as you are seeing the light of day from your body-aches and fatigue, one of your kids comes down with the bug- only to have you up every hour of the night to take care of them.  Consequently, you have to cancel date night with your husband… Let’s all scream together: “THIS IS A JOKE, RIGHT?!”

Unfortunately, at the end of each one of these scenes, there isn’t a comedian with a camera crew to laugh off the hilarious and brilliantly acted scenario that just unfolded.  There is only you.  So you talk yourself through what just happened.  You tell yourself that tomorrow is a new day, and to let things go.  When this happens, you have arrived at the ‘Crossroads of Motherhood’.  That little place where sanity settles in, and you can quickly decided which path you will take.  Do you lock yourself in the bathroom and have a good cry?  Do you trudge up the stairs like the goddess warrior you are to comfort your crying baby for the third time in the past 30 minutes?  We can so readily admit when we choose defeat.  But do we stop to praise ourselves for the countless times we go up to bat again and again?  How many times do we enter the battlefield and wind up victorious?  It does happen, but I will venture to say that we are keeping score of our failures, not our victories.

So stop yourself in the middle of the doubts that creep in your head for only you to hear.  You are a mother!  A real-life warrior!  Who else can wake up multiple times in the middle of the night, only then to spend their entire next day feeding, dressing and keeping the children alive?  Who else in a span of one day can run errands, pick-up toys, kiss boo-boo’s, stop sibling rivalry, prepare dinner, do the dishes, bathe the children, read bedtime stories, and then (if you’re lucky) takes a moment for oneself- which might consist of taking a shower or picking up the house while everything is quiet.

I don’t know of anyone else who can hustle like a mom does! You have the hardest job on the planet!  My husband told me most recently after our crying and inconsolable boy finally fell asleep on my chest: “Good work honey. I couldn’t do it.”

And if you feel like you are failing, that’s alright!  The role of motherhood wasn’t meant to be easy!  Give yourself a mental break.  It’s okay to cry!  But move on after the tears.  Remind yourself of all your blessings- one of them being that tomorrow is a new day.  Take control of what you can, and let go of the rest.  For all the times that I have battled through my doubts, and continued on, I end up feeling quite proud of myself for preserving.  There is nothing like the light at the end of the tunnel… and reaching it!

So from you to me: HIGH 5!  I see you in Target, about to snap at your children with those dark circles under your eyes.  I hear it in your voice after I ask one of my friends: “How are you doing?”  I understand your tears, and I can relate to your doubts.

To all the women at the ‘Crossroads of Motherhood’… take the path of encouragement, forgiveness, and acceptance.  This journey is so worth it.

These are a few of my favorite (cleaning) things!

It’s no secret that I love a clean house!  However, I willingly admit that I can get caught up with life and can easily fall off the ‘cleaning band-wagon’.  All it takes is a few days of baby-led sleep-deprivation, or having lack of motivation… before I know it, I’m looking at a tornado of a house!  Dirty dishes stacked up, laundry piles, and just “things” thrown around everywhere!  This is when I take different approach.  I cannot live like this for long, and so I then set out to flip the switch!

It takes a full day (sometimes two) to get the home back in order, because if I am going to tackle the project, it will be done right!  Not only do I appreciate a clean home, I appreciate a de-cluttered home.  For me, the two go hand-in hand.

Last week I wasn’t feeling like my usual motivated self (I had some sort of stomach bug).  I spent more time in bed watching FRIENDS episodes than I care to brag about.  As fate would have it, my home was in complete disarray.  Even Jacob admitted it.  When he admits out-loud that the house is a mess, I know I have a problem!  There have been two instances in the past two and a half years of our marriage that Jacob has mentioned the messy condition of the house.  He is normally understanding and doesn’t have  “tendencies” like I do about the appearance of the home.  His gentle but honest comment was the only motivation I needed- especially because I was pretty sick of the messes myself.

Now that I am living and looking at cleanliness and order around me, I have more of a desire to live this way since I can’t remember when!  Developing a routine and creating strong habits are key to keeping an orderly home.  In the past I shared a link to an article about my own personal tricks for cleaning/organizing, and several weeks ago I shared about the online de-cluttering project- ‘The Simplicity Project’ that I participated in.  I think it’s only appropriate that I wrap up this topic by giving a list of my favorite cleaning supplies.

And let me add that Jacob made two comments the other evening about the transformation of the house! The first time I knew he was encouraging me, and the second time I knew he was genuinely impressed!

Here’s my list…

1. Multi-Purpose Cleaner  (buy @ Trader Joe’s)

TJ's spray cleaner

Oh my goodness I don’t have enough good things to say about this cleaner!  It cleans counters, mirrors and glass with no streaking, and it’s safe to use on our microfiber furniture.  It is made with essential oils, and is non-toxic!  I love, love LOVE it!

2. Kaboom  (buy @ Target or Walmart)

Kaboom Cleaner

Never in my life have I watched sink and shower scum clean off with such ease!  Hard water rings in the toilet are gone, and our kitchen sink is sparkling clean!  Plus it’s made with Oxi Clean ingredients… which leads me to #3.

3. Oxi Clean  (buy @ Target or Walmart)

Oxi Clean

Oxi Clean removes baby spit up stains, blood stains (when promptly treated) and I have watched permanent ink stains dramatically fade after other stain fighters did little to nothing to treat the stain.

4. Swiffer Mop  (disposable dry & wet clothes sold separately… buy @ Target/Walmart/Costco)

swiffer bg-swifferRefills

This product is so great at doing a quick wipe-up on tile and hardwood floors.  I rarely sweep anymore, because the dry Swiffer sweepers do my sweep in half the time!  The wet sweepers have a great clean sweep, too!

5. Shark Steam Mop

Shark Steam Mop

I should honestly use this mop more because every time I do, the floors look even cleaner, and I always wonder why I put it off!  You have to add water to the mop, plug the mop in, and every few times you need to wash the cloth mop that is detachable.  It really is no big deal, and yet, I build it up in my head that this mop is such a hassle to use!  It isn’t!  In fact, for a very deep clean I use it after “Swiffering”.  You’ll see your reflection afterward, for sure!

5. Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum  (buy @ Target/Walmart/BedBath&Beyond)

hoover vacuum

As long as you have a good quality vacuum, the important thing is to vacuum regularly!  I am especially diligent to vacuum the carpets because of the baby.  With dust, hair, and other debris, we can’t always see the build up in our carpets, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there!  What I like about this particular vacuum is that you can see everything you are vacuuming up, and the filter is easy to rinse.  With some vacuums you have to buy bags, but now-a-days, you can clean out the vacuum every several weeks yourself, and save money on vacuum bags.  A vacuum like this one is around $200.00-$300.00  With the manufacture warranty, it is well worth it!  I would recommend buying a good quality vacuum during Black Friday sales!

6. Cleaning Rags (use old towels or buy @ thrift stores)

cleaning rags

I am the first person to use paper towels because they are quick and easy, and they are more hygienic.  However, using cleaning rags is eco-friendly, and if you are doing deep-cleaning, then it makes sense to use rags!  From dusting, to cleaning counters and sinks, rags are the way to go! I keep my rags under the kitchen sink with all my cleaning supplies for easy access.

7.  Good & Clean Disinfecting Wipes  (buy @ 99c store or Dollar Tree)

good & clean wipes Unknown-1

These work just as well as the Lysol brand, but they cost so little!  I prefer to use these because they smell better than the Lysol sprays, and they are just as efficient in killing bacteria around areas that need to be clean and germ-free (like toilets and door handles)!

*I do understand that keeping a home clean while raising children is an art.  What trips me up more than unexpected surprises that children and life bring us, is keeping focused!  I was able to do some laundry, cooking, and reading yesterday… mostly while Austin was playing and napping!  The trick was staying focused!  As wives and mom’s we are the ultimate multi-taskers, and we can easily work on several projects at once.  It may be easy, but it isn’t efficient!*